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Sri Lanka Urgent Medical Appeal Fundraiser

Sri Lanka Urgent Medical Appeal

Sri Lanka Urgent Medical Appeal Fundraiser By purchasing this product you will support people of Sri Lanka in their time of need. They provide most of our fresh produce, spices, rice, grains and lot more, which you enjoy for uncounted number of years.

Ceylon Supermart joined hands with Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine (SLCIM) to assist with country's demand for essential and life saving medical consumables given the present economic instability.

Ceylon Supermart wishes to raise funds through its customers who wishes to donate towards this cause by purchasing this product at their selected value of donation. This product can be purchased in return for the purchase amount to be donated towards the essential medical supplies decided by SLCIM.

Ceylon Supermart will remit all funds raised by selling this product and also the donations made at checkout to SLCIM using legitimate money transfer services to enable SLCIM to purchase the necessary medical supplies as they deemed fit.

We aim to provide a full report of donations once for every fund transfer to SLCIM.

On behalf of people of Sri Lanka, our growers and suppliers alike, we thank you.

Please note that we are unable to return, provide a refund or alternative product for this fundraising product.

More details of SLCIM is available at https://slcim.lk/slcim-life-line

To buy the donation product, please click on the image or click here.