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Avonra Natural Passion Fruit Drink, 200ml

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Avonra Natural Passion Fruit Drink, 200ml

ඇවොන්රා ස්වාභාවික පැෂන් ෆෘට් පානය
அவோன்ரா இயற்கை பேஷன் பழ பானம்
Boisson naturelle aux fruits de la passion Avonra
Bebida natural de maracuyá Avonra
Avonra natürliches Passionsfruchtgetränk

Sweet, Juicy and with a slightly sour twist, passion fruit is world famous for its unique taste. Apart from the mouthwatering taste its beneficial to you for other reasons too. Rich in antioxidants, nutritions and fiber this fruit and its juice is great to boost your immune system, support heart health and to reduce anxiety.