Avonra Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 500ml

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Avonra Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 500ml

ඇවොන්රා ස්වාභාවික කාබනික වර්ජින් පොල්තෙල්
அவோன்ரா இயற்கை கரிம கன்னி தேங்காய் எண்ணெய்
Huile de noix de coco vierge biologique naturelle Avonra
Aceite de coco virgen orgánico natural Avonra
Avonra Natürliches Bio-Kokosöl

Coconut is considered as one of the healthiest superfoods in the world. The goodness of Sri Lankan Coconut is concentrated in this amazing product. Avonra Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is made without adding any synthetic substances. The Coconut tree also called as the “Healthy lifeline” because of its benefits and uses that can get from almost all parts of the tree. In Ceylon, it is called as the “KAPRUKA” because of these unlimited benefits and the uses.

Choosing a pure organic quality product from the market is a somewhat challenging task. Avonra natural virgin coconut oil is made using only the pure white kernel of coconut and applying mild heat (less than 60 degree Celsius) and then purified through various stages to bring you the best of the best. Rich with Lauric (C12) and Caprice (C10), Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a tastier and healthier alternative to Olive oil in every way. Compared with ordinary coconut oil, it is becoming more and more popular worldwide due to its indispensable nutrition and benefits.