Bakery Fresh Roast Pāān, 2 Pack

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Bakery Fresh Roast Pāān, 2 Pack

රෝස් පාන්
பேக்கரி புதிய வறுத்த பான்
Pāān Rôti Frais Boulangerie
Pan de panadería asado fresco
Bäckerei Frischer Braten Pāān

Each weigh 160g approximately.

Note: This product will be shipped on the day they were made. However, it is normal the bread gets hardened during transit but they are perfectly fine for consumption. To make them soften again you can either heat them in an oven for few minutes or microwave just before consumption. Tastes better when served hot from the oven.

We do not stock this item as they are freshly made and supplied daily. These are limited stock items with a very high demand. As a result they are subject to go out of stock at any point, but we are unable to track the stock quantities unlike other items. We may run into supply shortages and may not be able to provide you this item with your order or may have to delay the order dispatch. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience should that happen to your order.