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Bandura Ginger Beer, 200ml

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Bandura Ginger Beer, 200ml

බාඳුරා ජින්ජර් බියර් 
பாண்டுரா இஞ்சி பீர்
Bière au gingembre Bandura
Cerveza de jengibre Bandura
Bandura Ingwerbier

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Bandura non alcoholic ginger beer is made out of natural extract of ginger root fortified with the extract of ceylon black pepper, ceylon cinnamon, clove, cardamom and thippili to enhance its natural flavour to reach it's characteristic herbal qualities.

Bandura non alcoholic ginger beer is non carbonated and free from artificial flavours and colourants.

Ingredients indulge your senserius with ginger. Best when chilled.