Bandura Pure & Natural Premium Kithul Treacle, 350ml

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Bandura Pure & Natural Premium Kithul Treacle, 350ml

බාඳුරා පිරිසිදු හා ස්වාභාවික කිතුල් පැණි
பந்துரா தூய மற்றும் இயற்கை பிரீமியம் கிதுல் பொக்கிஷம்
Bandura Pure & Natural Premium Kithul Mélasse

Bandura Kithul is a premium Sri Lankan product which is tapped and refined over several days by experienced kithul collectors in Sri Lanka. Bandura Kithul contains no added sugar or water.

Note that this product may have a small amount of foam formed on the top when you get them delivered to you. This is completely natural due to the 100% natural content and ingredients. We do not use any preservatives to stop this foaming to guarantee the natural quality and taste. Please refrigerate the bottle as soon as you get the delivery. After a while the foams will settle down. Careful when opening the lid with the foram as it might spill or flash due to the pressure build up inside due to foaming.

Caryota Urens (Kithul / කිතුල්), is one of the native sugar palms in Sri Lanka.

Kithul treacle & jaggery can be recommended for diets of diabetic patients as a superior substitute for white sugar.

Kithul sap as a low GI which makes it a healthier alternative to regular sweeteners like maple syrup. It has a rich smoky flavor too. Bandura Kithul contains no added water, sugar nor any preservative (100% natural)

Proudly made in Sri Lanka.

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