Choice of Taste Frozen Lamprais (Lumprice) - Vegetarian, 700g

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Choice of Taste Frozen Lamprais (Lumprice) - Vegetarian, 700g

Freshly cooked and frozen to lock the taste.

Basmati rice, vegetable curries (see below), vegetable cutlet, aubergine moju with sprats, kooni sambal and special mix wrapped in banana leave.

Cooking / Heating Instructions:

  • Place the package in an ovenproof dish with packaging
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius (Fan)
  • Cook for 50 minutes from Frozen
  • Ensure that the product is piping hot before serve.



  • Savoury rice
  • Aubergine moju
  • Polos curry
  • Seeni sambol
  • Chickpeas curry
  • Sinhala achcharu
  • Ash Plantain mix with cashew and fried red chilli
  • Vegetable cutlet