Deshiya Brand Coconut Grater - Scraper

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Deshiya Brand Coconut Grater - Scraper

දේශිය පොල් හිරමණය
தேஷியா பிராண்ட் தேங்காய் கிரேட்டர் - ஸ்கிராப்பர்
Râpe à noix de coco de marque Deshiya - grattoir
Rallador de coco de la marca Deshiya - Raspador
Deshiya Marke Kokosreibe - Schaber

Heavy duty coconut grater / scraper made of diecast metal and steel.

Model No DG-01. Imported from Sri Lanka.

This coconut grater is a perfect kitchen utensil for making fresh coconut recipes. It can be easily mount on a table model that also could clamps to standard UK worktops with a good edge. An average fresh coconut can be grated very quickly and easily.
Note: The actual product may be slightly different from the one shown in pictures.