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Sri Lankan Fresh Curry Leaves, Pack minimum 50g

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Sri Lankan Fresh Curry Leaves, Pack at least 50g

ශ්‍රී ලාංකික නැවුම් කරපිංචා කොළ
இலங்கையின் புதிய கறி இலைகள்
Feuilles de curry frais du Sri Lanka
Hojas de curry fresco de Sri Lanka
Frische Curryblätter aus Sri Lanka

Imported from Sri Lanka

feuilles de curry
hojas de curry

Fresh Curry Leaves also known as 'sweet neem leaves', karapincha, and many other names, the leaves of the curry tree are especially popular in Sri Lankan cuisine and other dishes, but are widely used all over South Asia, from India to Pakistan. Almost there's no South Asian dish without Curry Leaves in it, the cooking technique of carefully sizzling whole spices in hot oil until the flavours are softened and infused. The oil and spices can then be used either as the base or the finishing touch of a dish.

  • There's no substitute for fresh curry leaves, but they can also be refrigerated.
  • You can freeze them, retaining more flavour and aroma than if they were dried, but not quite delivering the full experience.
  • Imported from Sri Lanka and very difficult to find in many parts of the UK
  • Bringing this essential culinary experience to home cooks over the years has been one of our proudest achievements.

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