Fresh King Coconut, Single

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Fresh King Coconut, 1 fruit

නැවුම් තැබිලි
புதிய கிங் தேங்காய்
Noix de coco royale fraîche
Coco Rey Fresco
Frische King-Kokosnuss

King coconut (Cocos nucifera) is a variety of coconut, native to Sri Lanka where it is known as Thembili. Sweeter than regular coconuts, there are several sub varieties of the king coconut-the most common being the "red dwarf" (kaha thambili, commonly referred to as gon thambili). The other variety is "ran thambili", a smaller variety containing about forty nuts in a bunch. The king coconut tree is shorter than coconut trees, and are found commonly growing wild in many areas of the country.