Little Lanka Frozen Lamprais (Lumprice) - Vegetable, 950g

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Little Lanka Frozen Lamprais (Lumprice) - Vegetable, 950g

ලිට්ල් ලංකා අධිශීතකළ ලම්ප්‍රයිස් - එළවළු
லிட்டில் லங்கா உறைந்த லாம்ப்ரைஸ் (லம்ப்ரைஸ்) - காய்கறி
Lamprais surgelés Little Lanka (Lumprice) - Légumes
Lamprais congelado de Little Lanka (Lumprice) - Vegetal
Little Lanka Frozen Lamprais (Lumprice) - Gemüse

Approximate weight 950g / Serves 2

This famous and mouth watering 'Little Lanka Lamprais' are freshly cooked and frozen to lock the taste.

They are packed with 8 flavourful items to blow you away from the first mouth to the last. We guarantee you that you will need more!


  • Yellow Ghee Rice
  • Green Jackfruit Curry (Polos)
  • Green Jackfruit Cutlet
  • Aubergine Moju
  • Seeni Sambol
  • Potato Devilled
  • Malay Pickle
  • Ash Plantain Curry

Allergy Advice: Cooked in a kitchen that handles nuts and sesame products. If you have any allergies please contact the Chef on +44 (0)780 574 4238 before consumption.

Heating Instructions - Microwave:

  • Remove the outer packaging and the plastic film
  • Place the lamprais wrapped in the Banana leaf in a microwave proof dish
  • Microwave for 14 minutes from Frozen (if already defrosted overnight, microwave for 5 minutes)
  • Ensure that the product is piping hot before serve.

Heating Instructions - Oven:

  • Remove the white outer packaging and the plastic film
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius (Fan)
  • Place the lamprais wrapped in  the Banana leaf in an ovenproof dish in the middle shelf of the oven
  • Cook for 50 minutes from Frozen (if already defrosted overnight cook for 30 minutes)
  • Ensure that the product is piping hot before serve.