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Rancrisp Burnt Whole Cashew Nuts, 450g

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Rancrisp Burnt Whole Cashew Nuts, 450g

රන්ක්‍රිස්ප් පිළිස්සු සම්පූර්ණ කජු මද
ரான்க்ரிஸ்ப் எரிந்த முழு முந்திரி கொட்டைகள்
Noix de cajou entières brûlées Rancrisp
Anacardos Enteros Quemados Rancrisp
Rancrisp verbrannte ganze Cashewnüsse

Burnt Cashew Nuts a Sri Lankan classic.

Established in 1981, Rancrisp, with a vision of becoming the most preferred cashew producer and the exporter in Sri Lanka, started their venture by sourcing cashews from the local farmers and purifying and refining them with special, advanced techniques to release premium quality cashews to the local and international markets.