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Watalappam Recipe - Ceylon Supermart

Watalappan Recipe

Watalappan is a coconut custard pudding made of coconut milk or condensed milk, jaggery, cashew nuts, eggs, various spices, including cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg, and sometimes with grated vanilla pods. This is a popular Sri Lankan dessert and everyone has their own way of making this delicious pudding, but here's the classic way of making it.

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Ingredients (for 6-8 servings)

450g Kithul Jaggery
8 Large Eggs
1 1/2 Cup full Cream Milk, Coconut Milk or Semi-Skimmed milk*
Pinch of Nutmeg
Chopped Cashew nuts - to decorate and extra taste
2 Teaspoons of Vanilla essence


Scrape the juggery, so that it is easy to dissolve.
Beat the eggs and mix well with the milk.
Add scrapped jaggery, vanilla and stir continuously until the jaggery has completely dissolved.
Or you can keep the pot on a very low heat to dissolve the jaggery faster.
Add a hint of Nutmeg (this will reduce the Egg smell)
Pour the mixture in to a bowl (ideally Pyrex) and place the bowl in a steamer and steam for about 1 hour.

Points to Remember:

Steaming is preferred to baking.
Do not place the mixture if there is no steam in the steamer yet.
Do not fill the bowl to the top; leave a gap of at least 1 inch from the edge of the bowl. Otherwise you will lose the best of the mixture when it start to boil.
Make sure you have enough water in the steamer or re-fill with boiling water if needed.

Once the mixture is set, take the bowl out and spread some crushed cashew for taste and decoration.

Leave the bowl to cool down and put in the refrigerator.

Best served chilled and with Vanilla Ice Cream.

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