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Mc Currie

With a plethora of pouch and jar products, the ‘Mc Currie’ range brings you pure, unadulterated, high quality spices and herbs that can turn any dish into a delicacy. Whole spices, spice blends, curries, ready-to-eat jar products such as chutneys, baduns(fries), pastes, sauces, pickles and sambols are among the variety of Mc Currie products. Our newest addition is the Masala range of pre-cooked curry sauces which is a popular product among local and expatriate clientele.

Sri Lankan households, leading supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, food manufacturers and expatriates are those who build up our clientele; who trust and vouch for the superior quality of the “Mc Currie” range of products.

Mc Currie Ceylon Supermart