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ඔබේ ඇණවුම

ඔබේ කරත්තයේ අයිතම කිසිවක් නැත

ඔබ කැමති විය හැක
Dhs. 10.00
ගැලට එක් කරන්න

Noble Heights UK Limited (FBV)

We are thrilled to announce that, as Noble Heights UK Limited, we are now your most trusted supplier, bringing the ancient and exclusive Ceylon spices and aromatic flavors mentioned above to the United Kingdom and Europe. Our mission is to provide you with the finest selection of these treasured spices, ensuring that you can experience the authentic tastes and fragrances of Sri Lanka's rich culinary heritage.

We extend a warm welcome to you. Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone.

Noble Heights UK Limited

United Kingdom  : +44 7575 052970

Europe                : +45 4061 1111

Noble Heights UK Limited (FBV)