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Ayubo Tea

“Ayubowan”, the wish of longevity, is the customary salutation with which the Sri Lankans greet each other. It’s no wonder that this generous utterance belongs to a people that have been practicing Ayurveda, the science of longevity, for many centuries.

Long before tea was introduced to colonial Sri Lanka, the islanders delighted their palate with an array of health giving herbal infusions. Ayubo Herbal infusions is a family venture that combines three generations of Ayurvedic expertise, with a mission to bring this long standing tradition to your home. Combining the health benefits of natural ingredients with a delicate balance of flavour and aroma, Ayubo Herbal infusions come in pyramid tea bags to allow maximum infusion for great taste.

Here’s to wellness in a cup. Here’s to long life!

Ayubo Tea