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Amritha Incense Sticks 24 Sticks Jasmine

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Amritha Incense Sticks 24 Sticks Jasmine

අම්රිතා පිච්ච මල් සුවදැති හදුන් කූරූ
அமிர்த தூப குச்சிகள் மல்லிகை
Encens Amritha Jasmin
Incienso Amritha Jazmín
Amritha Räucherstäbchen Jasmin

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Amritha incense sticks are one of the best products in the industry. In a market full of cheap imitations, we at Darley Butler are proud to be able to say that we produce Sri Lanka’s best incense sticks and provide it to the market.

Amritha Incense Sticks are a proud product of Sri Lanka made in our own factory at Padukka. We make sure that each and every stick is of the highest quality which will ensure that our customers are always satisfied. Our wide range of fragrances ranging all the way to familiar floral scents to custom blends will delight just about anyone.

We have a wide distribution network and you will easily be able to find our products at most shops in Sri Lanka along with a few locations outside the island.

"Amritha" stands out as a high quality joss stick  with a distinct fragrance.

  • Each Box has 24 sticks ,weight 30g.
  • One of the classic incense brands Amritha incense is full of fragrance.
  • Amritha products are made of highest quality raw materials.
  • You get pure incense, not burning wood.
  • Improve any environment with these amazing aromas with just a quick light up of these incense sticks.


Light a incense stick using a match stick then let burn for a while blow out the flame and place stick in a incense holder or a safe place not too close to inflammable things.

Approx. active time (1 stick): 45 min.

Pack is appx 30g and have 24 incense sticks in each.

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