Diamond Frozen Idly, 400g

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Diamond Frozen Idly, 400g


IMPORTANT: We do not accept returns of any perishable goods including fresh produce, frozen and chilled foods. We are unable to refund just because you don't like the product or don't follow food preparation instructions or you change your mind. If in doubt please contact us before you place your order.

We are taking Frozen & Chilled Food orders for delivery only to our Next Day delivery zone, that currently covers England, Wales and Central Scotland ONLY. If you are currently living outside our next day delivery zone, you will not be able to place your order with any Frozen or Chilled Food added to your shopping basket.

We will package all frozen and chilled goods in your order with ice packs and insulating fleece liners to ensure that your frozen products will stay frozen and sufficiently chilled for the duration of the delivery. Usually, the packaging should last for longer than 24 hours. However, this may not be the case during the summer months due to the hot weather.

We have a good track record of delivering all orders to our next day delivery zone customers under 24 hours.

If your order has frozen products in it, it is your responsibility to;

  • provide the correct and accurate delivery address
  • provide a working mobile phone number
  • be available to accept your order on the day of delivery
  • be available to answer the phone if the delivery driver is unable to find your address
  • provide the necessary access to our delivery drivers.

If your frozen or chilled product order was unable to deliver on-time due to any of the above reasons or as a result of delivery re-scheduled by you, we cannot guarantee the quality of frozen product and we will not be able to accept any damages to your products, means we cannot refund you for any such products.


Offers and marked prices on Frozen or Chilled Food items: We appreciate that some of the frozen and chilled food items comes with prices marked packaging. These marked prices are meant for our High Street shop in London. When frozen and chilled food items are sold for delivery, we have to add specialist packing materials, ice packs and fast delivery to get them to you as fast as we can. While these special packaging could keep the frozen food in frozen condition we expect them to be delivered to you using the fastest option. These packaging materials costs us at least 50% of the product price due to the nature of the frozen food packaging costs. Therefore, we do not offer the marked prices or offers in our online shop as it is not financially viable.