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Fresh Apple Banana, Approximate Weight 500g

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Fresh Apple Banana, Approximate Weight 500g

නැවුම් කෙසෙල්
புதிய வாழைப்பழம்
Banane fraîche
Plátano Fresco
Frische Banane

A very special small variety of banana that is sweet and creamy yet has a distinct green-apple like flavour.

They also tend to have marks on the sides towards the top of the fruit. This is caused by the way they rest on adjacent bananas when they grow in tightly packed bunches. Please be assured that an Apple banana with a few marks on the skin will still taste just as amazing.

Apple bananas mature from pale yellow, golden yellow, to almost black when ripe and develop dark markings. The black-brown markings are a sign of the flesh sweetening and are not a sign of spoiling. Underneath the peel, the cream-colored flesh is astringent, acidic, and firm when unripe, softening and developing a dense and creamy consistency with maturity. Apple bananas have a perfume-like aroma with tropical, flowery, and fruity notes. When ripe, the bananas contain a subtly sweet, tangy flavor with faint pineapple, strawberry, and apple nuances.

The weight specified is approximate and you could get slightly more or less weight than specified.

These are very limited stock items. In the event of stocks running out unexpectedly and we are unable to provide you the item, we reserve the right to provide an alternative product, refund you or provide other goods for the cost of this item.

This item may be green in colour when arrived, which you need to home ripen it in such case.