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Lankasoy Textured Protein Curry Flavoured, 90g

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Lankasoy Textured Protein Curry Flavoured, 90g

ලංකාසෝයි කරි රසැති සෝයා
லங்காசோய் கடினமான புரத கறி சுவை
Lankasoy Protéiné Texturé Aromatisé Au Curry
Lankasoy Proteína Texturizada Con Sabor A Curry
Lankasoy Texturiertes Protein-Curry-Geschmack

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Lankasoy Vegetarian Flavour’ range comes in an array of authentic Sri Lankan vegetarian preparations: a great way to taste one of the most popular Sri Lankan dishes.

Enjoy the typical curry dish, with soya. Authentic curry taste swirls in your mouth as you taste this CBL soya product. Includes a sachet of spices.