Larich Vegetarian Katta Sambol, 350g

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Larich Vegetarian Katta Sambol, 350g

Everyone has that one friend that makes you feel alive. Larich's Katta Sambol is that friend to every Sri Lankan dish. This hot mix of ground spices and onions will awaken your taste buds and your sense of adventure! 

Our Larich Katta Sambol Traditional Style uses a mix of Onions, Chilli Pieces, Lemon Juice and Salt. 

Using only natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives. 

Net weight: 350 grams

You can serve our Larich Katta Sambol alongside any Sri Lankan cuisine or spread it on fresh-baked bread with creamy butter, yum! It also makes the perfect accompaniment to curries, bread, roti, kirri bath (milk rice) and hoppers.