Nestle Nestomalt Malted Drink, 400g

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Nestle Nestomalt Malted Drink, 400g

නෙස්ලේ නෙස්ටෝමාල්ට් මෝල්ට් පානය
நெஸ்லே நெஸ்டோமால்ட் மால்ட் பானம்
Nestlé Nestomalt Boisson maltée
Bebida malteada Nestlé Nestomalt
Nestle Nestomalt Malzgetränk

From its unique aroma to its iconic taste, Sri Lanka’s No. 1 malted beverage, Nestomalt, provides a perfect start to the day for the whole family. It is formulated with the golden goodness of malted barley and the renowned nutrition of milk, to provide your mind and body with power, strength and energy.

Nestomalt is enriched with essential nutrients to help functions such as:

  • Immunity, supported by vitamin B6, B12, C, D and iron
  • Energy yielding metabolism, supported by vitamin B2, B3, B6 and B12
  • Learning & concentration, supported by vitamin B6, B12, C and iron
  • Bones & muscles, supported by calcium and vitamin D

Start the day with a steaming cup of Nestomalt, and be 100% ready to take on the day. Nestomalt, the positive start that powers progress of every Sri Lankan family!

Learn about Nestomalt’s rich history here

*100g of Nestomalt contain 536mg of calcium, 13.5mg of iron, 54mg of vitamin C, 4μg of vitamin D, 0.7mg of vitamin B2, 8mg of vitamin B3, 0.7mg of vitamin B6 and 1.3μg of vitamin B12